Champagne Danteny-Mangin - An Art

The tradition and Art

The grapes are the subject of special care to each a wine quality.
They are gathering in a perfect harmony all these qualities dispersed, and seek to get a fortified wine, presenting the features needed to keep a constant taste of our wine from one-year to another.
Guardians of the personality and permanence of the wines, we respect this in our House.
"Sous leurs bruyants pressoirs font couleur en ruisseaux
Des vins délicieux mûris sur leurs coteaux"
(André Chénier)
In the same way, as a musical conductor which modulates the notes, arranges breaks and tempi to build a coherent and harmonious chorus, we conduct our production each year to find the taste which gives the reputation of our house.
We have only one partition: our expertise, our knowledge and our oenological skills. Only our experience and palates will lead our choices in the pursuit of excellence.
"Pas de champagne, point d'amis qui lèvent
leur verre en vous regardant avec tendresse."
(Albert Camus)